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The TAB Kids is a nice program that can help kids create simple animations
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The TAB Kids is a nice program that can help kids create simple animations. The application includes a series of landscapes and images they can use to create their animations; it also comes with two sample animations, which are very illustrative and can give the kids an idea on how to create their own animations. Sadly, the program doesn't come with a tutorial or help file to help kids get acquainted with all the tools the program has to offer and all the things the kids can do with it.

The program also includes a set of drawing tools to add and modify things in the presets. Kids can modify the background and filling colors, draw lines and shapes, add text, and add sounds. When they finish their work, they can save it in multiple formats such as macromedia flash, 3gp clip, and Quicktime clip, and they can also print the current frame or take a picture of it. The program features a very colorful user-interface with simple sounds, but it isn't very intuitive.

In short, if you are looking for a nice application to help your kids create animations, the TAB Kids can be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice user interface
  • Lots of presets to create the animations
  • Includes two sample animations


  • No tutorial or help file
  • Not really intuitive
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